Dayum Shame by Delasima

Dayum Shame (Damn Shame) by Delasima is a jazz infused production to which will instantly have you clicking your fingers and tapping your feet.Read more

U by Sacha T

U by Sacha T is a throwback love song with a heavy reggae influence and a healthy infusion of Sacha T’s trademark smooth vocals.Read more

Breaking Out by Sacha T

Breaking out is frenetically paced music video from soon to be superstar, Sacha T.Read more

Hashtag by Sacha T

As the name implies this song is aimed squarely at the haters.Read more

What I Need by Benji Lord

Bringing a totally fresh sound to Caius House's Music comes Benji Lord with his self-produced and written debut.Read more

Welcome To Caius!

Welcome to Caius House! This video gives a glimpse into the Caius family and what we get up to. Join in the fun!Read more