Every half term or summer holiday, young people across the land rejoice...and then get bored. Quickly. Parents on the other hand react a little differently. First there's the joy of realising your child will be around more often during the holiday. And then, the creeping horror as you slowly realise....your child will be around much more often during the holiday. Always in fact. Getting under your feet, messing up your clean house, or, worst of all, bringing home that one inappropriate friend. You know the one.

That's where we come in. Every holiday Caius runs activity programmes to occupy and educate your young people in a a safe and welcoming environment. Or, put another way, we'll occupy them for six hours a day and send them home tired and happy. Sound good? Check out the video to see a small selection of the activities they'll be taking part in. And next holiday, think CAIUS HOUSE!