May Half Term

Click here to see our May Half-Term programme.Read more

The Grub Club

The Grub Club has teamed up with Caius House!Read more

Music: Artist Development

Do you rap, sing or produce music? Are you aiming to take your music to another level, maybe even turn it into a career? Then this is the course for you!Read more


Caius is big on music!! Our awesome STUDIO, is always in use, but there's more to music at Caius. Click here to find out more.Read more


There will be a Connexions Personal Advisor available every Tuesday and Friday at Caius House. Just ask for Robin.Read more

Channel L.I.T. (Listen, Inspire, Transform)

Welcome to Channel L.I.T.! The online media channel for Caius House! Join our production / performers team and help create the programmes, music videos and event recordings that make channel L.I.T... well... LIT!Read more

Girls Group

The girls group session is about, empowerment, self-development, gender equality, women's wellbeing and much, much more.Read more


They say everybody has at least one book in them to write, but in our media focused world, it might be better to say everybody has at least one movie in them. Join our filmaking project and find out what you really have to say to the world.Read more

British Sign Langauge (BSL)

Many of us have family members who are profoundly deaf, and for many of them, everyday communication can be difficult. Joining this course will lead to a new skill, but might also bridge the gap between you and your next best friend! Give it a try.Read more

Term Time Programme

Check out our Term Time Programme.Read more

Code Club

Our Code Club for 8-13 yr old's will give them a grounding in basic approaches to coding by building their own games in a series of projects.Read more


Caius has a long and proud footballing tradition, one which is going from strength to strength. Simply turn up to one of our training sessions and speak to a coach about taking part.Read more

Free Yoga

It's hard to stay fit, focused and flexible in today's fast paced world. Come on down and give our weekly mixed adult / youth yoga sessions a try.Read more

Female Futsal

Never heard of Futsal? That's fine, neither had we! But now this awesome sport has come to Caius with a vengeance!Read more


Ever seen a Jedi swinging a lightsaber and wanted to be them? How about a samurai swinging their sword so smoothly and skillfully that it looks like a dance that you want to be part of? Then come to Caius and learn the art of fencing. Learn to wield a sword and do battle with the best of them!Read more