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Our Vision


Every young person deserves to belong to a youth centre to encourage “imagination, aspiration, creativity, innovation and personal fulfilment”.

All at Caius House remain committed to giving the young people in our local community a safe place to go where they can try new things, develop talent further and have fun.


Our Mission

To be the keystone of inspiration for young people. To ensure every child is included, valued and given the opportunity to fulfil their potential while building the existing Caius House into a centre of excellence that acts as a new model for others.


With our unique team of experienced youth workers, educators, musicians, counsellors, trained dancers and media specialists we are able to support individuals and provide targeted programmes to encourage each young person to develop their individual skills and talents.


All at Caius House have the overarching aim of facilitating change and nurturing talent,
fulfil the potential of youth.


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