Welcome to Channel LIT, the media portal powered by Caius House. On channel Lit you'll find a variety of shows, written, produced and filmed by young people. You'll also find music videos, filmed events, Vloggs and short films created for and by Caius members.

Some examples of Channel LIT shows: 

  • THROUGH THE CAIUS HOLE  - A riff on the Through the Keyhole television show.  Our version will be hosted by young people, each episode showcasing a different area of Caius provision, alongside humorous asides and interviews

  • UNTITLED PRANK / SKIT SHOW – As the title suggests, this production will be based in a practical joke and skit format, presented by one or more Caius members. 

  • LET IT OUT! – A vox pop style format. Young people will be invited to step into a unique physical space and vent their thoughts, feelings, or frustrations on topics of their choice. Collections of these vox pops will be edited into a topical slice of youth opinion, released weekly / bi-weekly. 

To pitch your own ideas or take part, come and join our creative team. Just speak to a member of staff or ask for Freddie.