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The media suite is the perfect environment for any young person interested in learning the various aspects of media.

The brand new suite has been fitted out with high-specification PC’s which have been custom built.


A media specialist will oversee and support the learning of the young people and offer the opportunities to explore any of the following:


  • Digital photography using Adobe Photoshop

  • Graphic design

  • Video production editing in Adobe Premiere

  • Motion graphics


With programs that are fun, informative and educational, the Caius House media service will be able to enhance career aspirations or educational study in many areas including:


  • Music production

  • Music video-making

  • Live performances

  • Drama

  • Short stories

  • Profile packs

  • EPK (Electronic Press Kits)


Whatever needs you may have Caius House has something to offer!





+ Forest Hills Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Horizon Elementary

+ Lake Forest Elementary

+ Village Elementary

+ Watkins Elementary

+ Hollywood Central Elementary

+ Silver Lakes Elementary


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