Recording – YP aged 8-21 can book studio sessions in advance where they are able to record songs using beats they have downloaded from internet, music they have produced themselves or working in partnership with other producers.

Instrument Lessons – CH offer classical piano lessons and guitar lessons. YP aged 8-21 are able to access these lessons by speaking to the tutors Robin (Guitar) or Nathan (Piano). For more info contact [email protected]/02038186210

Artist Development – This new initiative has come about by recognizing a need for young people to understand what it takes to become a successful recording artist. To answer this need CH have developed a 12 week program that teaches branding, music production, song writing, sound engineering and performance. Once YP complete the program they will have two professionally recorded songs, some professional artist photographs and a music video. There will also be scope for their songs being played on radio too.

Open Mic Cypher – YP can attend the CH cypher and test their skills of lyrical wizardry! This is a great opportunity for YP to try out new material and shake the performance dust off!