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Sports Hall


The Sports Hall is a brand new multi-purposed space with three viewing galleries.  Caius House members can participate in various activities including boxing, basketball, football, circuit training, badminton, table tennis, indoor athletics and a variety of other indoor sports.


A qualified sports coach will oversee and facilitate activities of the young people with the opportunity to turn the activity they participate in, into a accredited unit award from examination board AQA. 


Fitness Suite


The Fitness Suite is brand new with top of the range equipment which include cardiovascular and resistance machines. Users will be able to access the Fitness Suite and will be offered tailor made programmes to suit their fitness and training needs.  This will include different types of circuit based programmes that are facilitated with or without equipment.


There is a number of fitness testing appartus  that can give the users an indication of their height, weight, blood pressure, range of movement, muscular and cardiovascular fitness upon reques

       OUR GYM IS ONLY    

           50p PER DAY


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